Dominica Spinal Support Organization launched after years of planning

After years of planning, the Dominica Spinal Support Organization (DSSO) has finally become a reality.


According to the Public Relations Officer of the Organization Miss Shenel Jolly,  the idea of forming a group to support patients with spinal related problems surfaced when a few of the present members met and decided to formalize a support group that would meet the needs of persons who are suffering from spinal related illnesses throughout the island.


She said that the inaugural meeting was held on December 30th 2009, after which it was unanimously decided that this Non-Profit Organization would be called Dominica Spinal Support Organization or DSSO for short.


She said that some of their main objectives are to ensure that members are provided with the relevant educational materials, to exchange information, to provide emotional and financial support for members and their families and to raise funds for medical purposes.


In that regard, the DSSO has opened a financial account at the Roseau Cooperative Credit Union. Miss Jolly said that persons can feel free to donate and deposit funds into the account, which will be used to source education and assist patients to travel abroad to seek medical attention.


The DSSO which is a Registered Non Profit Organization under the Commonwealth of Dominica is being headed by Mr. Lynard Henderson as President, with Rhelda Richards as the Treasurer, Lorrine Bruney as Secretary and Shenel Jolly as the Public Relations Officer.


 Persons wishing to become Members of the DSSO or seeking further information can contact Mr. Henderson at telephone number 767-245-2699 or Ms. Rhelda Richards 767-225-9211.

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