Dominica State College art exhibition

After 39 hours of instruction in an Art Program, first year students of the Dominica State College put on a display of their works on June 25th.

19 students pursuing an Associate Degree in Primary Education are grateful for the instructions received from their Japanese Art Team who coordinated the classes.

President of the Dominica State College, Dr. Donald Peters, says that art is essential in the learning process and it is important that we in Dominica continue to indulge in it.

He is very grateful to the Prime Minister for bringing skilled persons in art to Dominica since 2002.

He wants to ensure that at the State College, they offer students all opportunities that are available to them and for the School of Education to have an Art Program where teachers can then bring art to as many schools as possible so that there is a cycle of artists in Dominica.

Akiko Paketsuru, Japanese Team leader, tried to show the students what art education is.

She says the students gave her great joy by showing her through art that they understood what she was trying to convey.

She expects that the class would result in giving children around the island much joy and hope with their expression of art.

One of the students, Nasha George, says that although there was a language barrier, the instructors did everything in their power to educate them and encourage them throughout.

The exhibition consisted of craft posters, pop up cards, sketches, water color paintings and lettering and demonstrations of craft papers.
The students received certifications at the exhibition.

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