Dominica State College Hosts First of its Annual Lecture Series

Professor Ross Boyd

Professor Ross Boyd

Wednesday January 23rd was a historic day for the Dominica State College (DSC), as they hosted the first Annual Lecture Series.

The event was held at the Fort Young Hotel.

“In Search of Heroes; Defining Heroism in a Quest to Identify and Highlight Dominican Heroes,” was the topic.

President of the DSC Doctor Donald C. Peters stated that, this lecture series is important, as Universities feel it is their responsibility to engage the community in discussions.

He said during this time more than ever, Universities need to partner with communities to share ideas and thoughts as the way to get things done is to talk about them.

During his lecture Professor Boyd highlighted the hero Prometheus, who stole fire from the Gods to give to human beings.

With this he said, when we define a hero we look for promethean courage, selflessness, persistence and action for the good of others.

Professor Boyd pointed out that although any ordinary human can be elevated to the status of a hero, this has to be carefully evaluated based on what is defined as a hero.

He mentioned just like heroes do great things, anti-heroes do great things also, so we have to differentiate the two so we do not pass up anti-heroes as heroes.

To further explain this point, he used Adolf Hitler who he stated was an

The main aspect to establishing a hero he said is to find the purpose of one’s mission.

The purpose of a hero’s mission must be uplifting, for the good of society, and for the greater good of the world.

Some who is worthy of being called a hero must follow a few ethical principles such as; categorical imperative, that is must be exemplary for others to follow.

He said a hero must display a personal autonomic principle which tells us we are free to make choices to define ourselves.

Professor Boyd pointed out that school teachers have the opportunity to be a hero, but not just being a teacher will qualify them.

He said during a shooting incident at a school in the United States, some teachers used their bodies as shields to protect their students from gunfire which is truly a heroic act.

He stated Nelson Mandela is regarded as a hero, as he directed society because of his efforts and promethean courage.

The professor stated, with the greatest conviction of his heart, he regards Christopher Lo Black as a hero, as he displayed all attributes of a hero to fight for the rights of the Dominica worker.

Other heroes he mentioned were; Oliver Le Blanc, Fred Baron, Roosevelt Douglas, Pierre Charles, Bernard Wiltshire, and Roosevelt Skerrit among others.

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