Dominica State College Orientation Week Seminars

" class=Students attending the Dominica State College (DSC) coming September 2012 are being urged to focus on what they come to do so they can be successful graduates.

This positive message came from the Director of Student Services at the DSC Mr. Edgar Hunter who is advising the students rather than focusing on the negatives people are saying on the outside of the State College, just put their all into their work and have a positive approach and they will succeed.

He added that the orientation week of the DSC which started on Monday August 27th, is an ideal way for the new students to be familiarized with their courses and environment.

As part of the Orientation Week the DSC hosted a freshman’s Seminar on Tuesday August 28th, where the students received important information form professionals in and out of the College on Health, The Art of Effective Listening, Wellness and Sexuality, Conflict Management and Resolution.

Mr. Hunter says that the DSC is one of the cheapest colleges in the world despite what people may think as students pay $8000 maximum for an Associate Degree, whereas they would have to pay $30000US to get that same degree abroad.

Guidance and Counselor Ms. Patsy Letang who works with the Ministry of Education says, she did a session on listening with the students, as listening is very important in a student’s ability to retain vital information.

Freshman student Ms. Khadijah Moore who attended the Convent High School says this DSC’s orientation week is a wonderful idea for students to be knowledgeable with their environment, teachers and get more information on their Major.

Ms. Moore added that she will focus her studies on English and Literature as it is her goal to work in the field of Arts.

Mr. Dillon St. Rose who came from the Dominica Community High pointed out that it was an excellent idea for him to attend the DSC, as the job market is very competitive and the one with the higher education normally lands the job.

He added he that come September he will be pursuing geography as his dream is to be a pilot.


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