Dominica State College Students receives scholarship from FCIB

DOMSTATECOLLEGE.jpgOne student attending the Dominica State College (DSC), can now breathe a sigh of relief after receiving a scholarship from the First Caribbean International Bank (CIBC).


Speaking at the ceremony, CIBC’S Business Support Officer Ms. Rhona Lawrence says this is part of an agreement made with the Dominica State College, where each year a student is granted a $3000.00 scholarship for their two year tuition.


Ms. Lawrence says over the years the bank has been giving the scholarship, two of the recipients have been employed at the institution.


Director of admissions and financial aid Mr. Henry Volney says he is happy that the bank has continued with this scholarship agreement for the past ten years which is a very worthy program.


Ms. Moise the recipient of the scholarship says she is happy she received this scholarship.

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