Dominica successfully conducts its first ever under water broadcast


Officials from the Youth Division are describing their latest initiative; a One Hour of "Under-Water Broadcast, as a major success.


Last week Saturday, the International Funds for Animal Welfare has teamed up with the Youth Division's Youth Radio Programme "Youth Vibes – which is Aired every Saturday from 2pm – 3pm on DBS Radio, and also with DBS Radio, to bring to Dominica the first ever "Under-Water Broadcasting.


 According to Terry Raymond, Co-coordinator of the Youth Environment Yes Corps in the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, the event was broadcasted under the Caribbean Sea off the Champagne area in Pointe Michel.


He says the main purpose of this activity was to teach the youth about the importance Dominica’s Oceanic Life.


During this historic broadcast, the participants who were onboard the Dive-Dominica Boat did not only have the privilege of viewing all that was being recorded under the sea but they were also able to communicate with the divers.


Another component of the project is "The Floating Classroom Programme" which is being conducted by the Youth Division's YES Corps Programme in collaboration with the International Funds for animal welfare and CaribWhale.


The Programme which is currently being launched at many of the Primary Schools around Dominica is aimed at educating young people about the importance of caring for the Oceans, by teaching them about the Ocean and its many uses and benefits to Human.

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