Dominica To Explore Colombian Medical Services as Part of Dominica’s Health Plan

Coomeva Medicina Prepagada S.A

Providing adequate, sufficient, affordable and quality health care for a population is a very complex and difficult task.

Coomeva Medical Travel Services thinks that they have the main ingredients to make this possible for Dominica.

Mr. Alex Piper, President of Oneworld Global Healthcare Solutions, says that Coomeva’s health care division specializes in the health care sector, and has a mandate to provide health care to international patients.

Currently there are three Dominican patients in Colombia receiving assistance.

The Health Minister, Honourable Julius Timothy, says this relationship with Dominica is a good thing because there is a lot of good that Colombia portrays.

The aim of this conference is to highlight new opportunities for Dominicans to access economical health care and medical services travel of a high quality.

Colombian medical professionals in internal medicine, oncology, orthopedics and four hospitals representatives are present in Dominica until October 3rd to dialog with local doctors.

Coomeva’s portfolio of services include urgency and emergency patient transfer, medical surgery and therapies among others.

Mr. Mauricio Castillo represents Coomeva says ninety-five percent of the people in Colombia are insured by one system or another.

That has created huge investment from the private sector in medical care, hospitals and clinics.

Clinica de Marly was there to tell Dominica about their institution. They are the most tradition private institution in Colombia. They offer many medical services including bone marrow transplant, medical emergencies, oncology and the radiotherapy.

The Health Minister thanked Coomeva for bringing their insights into the health care offered in Colombia and hopes we can have better relations with them in the future.


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