Dominica to Host ITU Workshop on Dispute Resolution and Telecommunications Law

shutterstock_84732826As telecommunication service providers seek to establish themselves as major industry players within the sector through mergers and acquisitions, there emerges the need to referee disputes.

The Government of Dominica has therefore invited International Telecommunications Union (ITU) to the island, to conduct a workshop on “Dispute Resolution and Competition Law in the Telecommunications Sector”.

The workshop, scheduled to take place from April 22nd to 24th 2014 at the Fort Young Hotel, will be led by a team of international experts, who have previously facilitated highly successful ITU training-workshops in the Caribbean and in Africa.

The focus of this workshop is to provide participants with the legal and regulatory framework for addressing dispute resolution and ensuring regulatory certainty in a competitive environment.

The training will provide a legal framework within which to understand the many regulatory aspects of the sector and the ways of managing anticipated disputes in an era of competition dominated by mergers and acquisitions as companies seek to position themselves in the market.

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