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Dominica is making strides on measures to improve the nation through Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

This was made public by Parliamentary Secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office responsible for Information Technology Honourable Kelvar Darroux, coming from a South Korea Caribbean Summit on ICT which was held in Trinidad recently.

Mr. Darroux says that several Caribbean countries attended the summit including officials from South Korea, where they discussed how best the Caribbean can move forward using Information Technology among other topics.

Mr. Darroux says Dominica in terms of ICT has made tremendous work in their E-Government programme, which resulted in an Intranet in the Public Service System where Government service has been made more efficient to its customers.

He referred to the Asycuda World System and the Unified Line Information System.

Mr. Darroux pointed out that ICT can take us to the next level, while he stated that one of the other areas looked at in the summit was the idea to have specialized training for teachers in subject areas, to better disseminate the students they teach with that knowledge.

Parliamentary Secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office responsible for Information Technology Honourable Kelvar Darroux

The Parliamentary Secretary said this is important, as looking back at the 2012 Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) in the area of Mathematics, which showed a decrease in the number of students passing the subject.

He said one of the problems we may have, because of the fact that there are teachers in schools who may not be so keen on the subject they teach, and as a result not able to come up with ways in which all students will retain the information.

Another key area they looked at was national security, and the role ICT has to play in the advancement of national security in Caribbean countries.

He said that one of the main ways to do so is with the installation of closed circuit televisions (CCTV’s), which many other Caribbean countries have already implemented such as Trinidad and Jamaica.

Although it may be a costly exercise, Mr. Darroux said it is something they have to look at, as it will allow perpetrators of crimes to be caught on camera, which then will be used in the Court as evidence when prosecuted as cameras don’t lie.

In responding to the Prime Minister Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit’s 2012-2013 budget address, where the Value Added Tax (VAT) was removed for the importation of security cameras and equipment Mr. Darroux says; “This will utter well for the businesses who don’t already have the equipment.”

Closed Circuit TV Camera System

Mr. Darroux says with the implementation of CCTV’s, people who think they can act lawlessly and not get caught, they will think twice before committing any offence.

He added the Government will also look to implement such measures in popular tourist sites, so crime in this country can be deterred.

The Police Department was also commended for doing a wonderful job in the fight against crime.

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