Dominica to Pursue Revival of Coconut Industry


Ranjit H. Singh, Team Leader & Agricultural Economist

With the significant turnaround in the coconut market and a growing demand for coconut oil, also known as virgin oil; CARIFORUM has embarked on a Regional project in collaboration with the European Union and the Agricultural Sector in Dominica, in an effort to revive the Coconut Industry.

Dr. Ranjit H. Singh, Team Leader and Agricultural Economist is here on a project to identify the needs for developing the coconut Industry within the Region.

Dr. Singh identified ways in which coconut is beneficial, not just economically but nutritional benefits as well.

The Agricultural Economist stated that one of the biggest challenges that he has noticed is to get people encouraged and develop an interest in coconuts as it was in the past. tender-coconuts-799231

He said there are a lot of coconuts throughout the Region, but due to the ages of the trees they are difficult to climb and harvest.

His advice was to exploit the market through rehabilitation and replanting of coconuts.

An important objective was identified with this project and that is to alleviate rural poverty. Therefore the entire sector along with Dr. Singh is looking at ways the project can contribute to rural development.

Many interventions such as helping to train individuals, giving them access to resources and equipment and helping them to reinvest are on the agenda.

15538036-decanter-with-coconut-oil-and-coconuts-on-green-backgroundDr. Singh stated that support will be provided to small scale business already in the coconut Industry so that they can become competitive Entrepreneurs.



  • zead lloyd

    as much as i am for agri development, i don’t think coconuts is a safe investment given the frequency of hurricanes in the region… i think we should intensify ground crops, especially those that produce below surface level

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