Dominica to submit long overdue UN Civil and Political report


Seventeen (17) years after it was due, Dominica will submit its civil and political report to the United Nations.


The island has been silent on the matter since the coming into effect of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) in Dominica in 1995.


The report will allow the human rights committee to monitor implementation of the (ICCPR) in Dominica.


A release dated August 9th by Patrick Mutzenberg, Director of the Centre for Civil and Political Rights, ensures that states cannot escape the scrutiny by failing to comply with their reporting obligations.


The review will enable the people of Dominica to be heard and the government of Dominica to gain the support it needs from the international community, in fulfilling its international obligations


The centre for civil and political rights has urged Dominica to accept technical assistance from the UN to fast-track the submission of its report.

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