Dominica Tour Operator Association Hosts Meeting


Mr. Ian Douglas, Minister for Tourism

On Friday January 25th, The Dominica Tour Operator Association held a very significant meeting to source recommendations from the public, as to how they can improve as a business.

Their goal is to develop the tour association standards to become more efficient and to achieve long term probability through their market.

Head of Marketing for Discover Dominica Authority (DDA) Ms. Nikima Royer, commended the Dominica Tour Operator Association for their success so far.

Ms. Royer explained that it has not been an easy road for their organization, since they had to collaborate with various people and

She stressed on the point that communication is the key in moving forward.

Ms. Royer added that it is not only important amongst themselves as tour operators, but it is also vital to the public and the private sector.

She believes with partnering and collaborating with other tourism industries, they will thrive.


Head of Marketing for Discover Dominica Authority (DDA), Ms. Nikima Royer

Mr. Ian Douglas, Minister for Tourism, added that one of the practices he has developed since he became the Minister for Tourism, is during the “off-season”, he tries to meet with the various sectors in the tourism industry.

Mr. Douglas says it is easier to achieve ones goals when there is a collective vision.

The Minister trusts they are off to a good start in terms of their numbers and their representation from across the board in the Tourism Industry.


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