Dominican Artist Promotes Dominica


Mr. Marcel Glennis, Local Artist

This generation continues to take a keen interest in our country’s regional and international recognition, by promoting Dominica through music on a wider scale.

Mr. Marcel Glennis, Dominican born but resides in St. Martin, is determine to become a “well known” regional artist as well as uplifting his country’s name.

Not only is Mr. Glennis an artist, but he is also a songwriter, DJ, who owns his personal Studio. He said, his journey began from age of 9, and music has been in his blood ever since.

Mr. Glennis noted that music can also teach young children to be disciplined. If they have discovered that music is part of their being, they will impose strict compliance to instructions that will enhance their talent.

He added, “they will be able to know the importance of following their mentors. In this way, they will most likely apply this training to be obedient to their elders too.”

The local artist believes that music is the best way to express ones emotion. He explained that when he just entered the music industry, he received very little support. However, when he developed as an artist, everything changed positively.

When asked how Dominica would benefit from his music career, Mr. Glennis had this to say.

In terms of the youth, he says music is one of the best hobbies that teenagers can have. “Instead of indulging in computers games, it is much better if teenagers time practicing by playing their favorite instrument or singing their favorite song.”


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