Dominican Artiste to Release New Music Video


Dominican Reggae Artiste, Devine Songz

Dominican reggae artiste Devine Songz, and the lead vocalist of reggae band – Caribbean Vibes, is appealing to Dominicans for their support as he debuts his first music video.

The song is entitled “Forever”, a love song, which like all of his other songs talks about the relationship a man has for his woman and the commitment between the two.

He noted, after receiving the riddim from a United States based producer, the music spoke to him and with that, composing the song was very easy.

Devine stated after the public views the video, he would like it to leave an appreciation of not only his music, but all local music and local artistes, as they work to promote Dominica in their music and performances especially when abroad.

He noted, thus far he is thankful for his musical career, as his target crowd has been very supportive of him personally and in his band Caribbean Vibes.

According to Devine, he did not get involved in the music business but it chose him from a young age, he would drum on every surface he possibly could.

In school his teachers would constantly put him out of their classes as he would sing every chance he could.


Dominican Reggae Artiste, Devine Songz

“It started as something fun, but developed into a business, but I still have fun in what I do”, he highlighted.

The artiste is sending a special invitation for all Dominicans to come down to the Ruins Rock Café tonight from 9:00pm, where the video will be officially launched.

If you love what you just heard or are curious for more, stay tuned until the end of this news package for the world premiere of this music video.

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