Dominican artists called upon to produce more music videos in order to develop the Music Industry


Two Dominican artists, Knut Case and Aima Moses, are urging the general public to support their latest venture by purchasing their newly released music video. The video which was produced by Jawanza Stuart is entitled ‘Hustle,’ meaning to sell or obtain something in a very aggressive manner. While speaking about the concept behind the video, Knut Case said that ‘Hustle’ is part of his new mix tape which will be released later this year, called ‘The Feature.’


He said ‘basically is a summer time swing, where everybody is just hustling to get the paper, be it by doing their daily 9-5 or 8-4, is steady hustle because they have to put food on the table.’


Aima Moses who has collaborated with Knut Case for the very first time said that there is a lot more in store for the public.


‘Most videos which are produced in Dominica highlight the natural aspect of the country, but this video shows the opposite. If you look at it closely, you will see we are in different ghettos, where people are just doing whatever it takes to make money, whether its by hustling food, CD’s or various clothing items,’ he said.


The duo called on other artists to produce more videos in order to develop the Music Industry, locally.


‘Videos are very important to every artist especially, for promotional purposes. So, it really does not matter whether you use a professional or a personal household camera, make a video to promote yourself,’ echoed the two.


Aima is one of Dominica’s most prominent Reggae artists who is known for his popular music video, ‘My Love’, while Knut Case has been involved in the music arena for over ten years, singing a diverse genre of music such as Hip Hop, R& B and Dancehall, to name a few.

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