Dominican Contractor to Introduce New Low Cost Method for Construction


Contractor and Manager of Carib Form, Mr. Elford Xavier

Contractors, builders and aspiring homeowners have all received a special invitation, to attend an open session at Borough Square in Portsmouth on Saturday February 9th 2013.

The session will run from 10am to 2pm and will be conducted by Contractor and Manager of Carib Form, Mr. Elford Xavier, who will introduce a new type of construction method to the Dominican public.

The Contractor says, the Carib Form method of construction, is one of the fastest and most efficient ways of constructing homes, and retaining walls which saves a lot of money.

Mr. Xavier mentioned that Carib Form is a metal sheet with plywood, which during the construction of homes does not require the use of any blocks.

For walls the forms are clipped together and the concrete is poured between, createing a wall is quicker and effective than putting up blocks.

He pointed out it makes no sense, to put up blocks which then have to be filled with concrete, as this is what makes constructing a home very expensive.

Carib Form use demonstrated in home construction

Carib Form use demonstrated in home construction

Mr. Xavier says new home owners are the ones who will be saving a lot of money.

With Carib Form the cost of a home is cut by 50%, and that money can be used for other important things.

Another advantage is that, it will be stronger than using blocks, as the concrete is poured around the entire steel framework of the home, making it more durable than the traditional block laying which is done in sections.

Mr. Xavier who has been a Contractor in Guadeloupe since 1981 using Carib Form, revealed that, he has been exceeding all his customers’ expectations when they see how fast their homes were constructed.

He stated the Forms are available for rent by his Company located near the KFC building in Portsmouth, so new home owners should all take advantage of the opportunity he is introducing to his native homeland.

Carib Form used in construction of property wall

The Contractor added he also has a number of tools used in construction for rent at very affordable prices.


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