Dominican Golfer to Participate in International Golf Tournament

Mr. Maxim Raffoul

The phrase, “you can do anything you put your mind to”, is now a realization for one Dominican, who believe it or not, will be participating in an international golf tournament.

Maxim Raffoul of Checkhall who lived in Florida for a few years, says this was where he learnt to play golf which he loves so much now.

He said that it was in 2004 that he started winning trophies in the sport, which has been motivating him to keep striving for the best.

Dominica is one of the islands who do not have a golf course compared to many other Caribbean countries that have, and this has made it difficult for him in terms of practicing when in Dominica.

However in all tournaments he participates in, he represents Dominica and always has a flag of the country wherever he goes to play.

Mr. Raffoul stated that his golf partner is from the Island of St. Kitts, Mr. Adrian Northford who is a phenomenal golfer.

Though many persons play golf as a hobby, it is strictly a profession for him while enjoying what he loves to do.

In addition to bettering himself at the sport, he also wants to hold some discussions with Government and the Sports Division, to see how golf can be introduced to school children, and adults would also want to get involved.

The Dominican Golfer says that golf is a very addictive sport and once one understands the fundamentals of it they will always want to do better.

Since golf is considered a tourism sport and Dominica relies on tourism so much, they would go hand in hand, and more visitors would come if we had our own golf course.

He will leave Dominica to go to London on September 26th, where he will meet with his partner to participate in a National Golf Day Parade flying Dominica’s flag, then a one day match for National Golf Day.

They will then fly to Scotland to participate in the Golf International Pairs Finals from the 1st to the 3rd of October.

Though they will be up against the best, Mr. Raffoul is confident that they will put their all into coming out successful.


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