Dominican Launches New Book

“What’s on your mind?” is the latest artwork on one Dominican writer.

Caesarina Paul of Portsmouth, a former Youth Development Officer has been working on the book throughout her university years.

A book launching ceremony was held at the Central Credit Union Community Center in Portsmouth on August 3rd.

Chief Youth Development Officer, Mr. Jules Pascal is elated that this is the second of his fellow colleagues to achieve such milestones and he commends her on her work and looks forward to more from her in the future.

Hon. Ian Douglas

Minister for Tourism, Honourable Ian Douglas, expressed that the literary tradition in Dominica is very rare and this is an auspicious occasion for them in Portsmouth.

Mr. Douglas said that 50 to 100 years from now there should be evidence to show what kind of community Portsmouth was and it is through writings such as “What’s on your mind?” that they will find their answers.

Author, Caesarina Paul says writing was therapy for her whilst attending school though some teachers made her feel that she was unable to learn.

A lot of the awards from the Midwestern State University shown on display, served as a catalyst for her motivation.

Of the 120 credits she received from Lester University, only 12 were transferred to Midwestern University and that broke her down and lead to her using writing as therapy.

Ms. Paul is also grateful for the Youth Division because it has shaped her into the woman that she is today.

Her book is available on Amazon and an electronic version can be obtained at


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