Dominican on a Drive for Legislation Against Pornography


Founder of Dominicans for Justice, Mr. Dane Smalling

One Dominican has taken it upon himself, to advocate for legislation against the public circulation of pornographic material, following the recent release of videos and images involving minors and adults.

Founder of Dominicans for Justice, Mr. Dane Smalling says, although there are laws to protect children against pornography, there are none for adults, leaving them vulnerable.

“None of these videos were made for public display, however they were leaked by mischievous persons, causing public embarrassment of those involved,” he explained.

Mr. Smalling noted, he is currently waiting on advice from lawyers as to his next move, as it relates to legislation to protect adults, who fall victim to pornographic videos being released into the public domain.

A number of letters have already been written to the Prime Minister, the President and the Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force.

footage (1)According to Mr. Smalling, when it comes to such matters the, the Police are laid back, as they do not regard the circulation of pornographic videos to the public as a crime.

Dominicans for Justice will also address a number of issues including police brutality and unemployment.

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