Dominican Playwright to Release Book on History of Calypso and Soca Music in Dominica

Alex BrunoDominican playwright, Mr. Alex Bruno will soon be releasing a very detailed book on the history of calypso and soca music in Dominica.

He said this book titled; ‘Historical Perspectives of Calypso & Soca’ is expected to make its debut during or at the end of the Carnival 2014 season.

The book provides an in-depth look at the past, present and future of women in calypso and also gives a  brief  account of  the history of  calypso  and  soca  in Dominica,  and how  the  blend of  soca  music  relates to the works of Dominican  musical  pioneers.

The work also revisits the struggles and the meaning of the art form of calypso, and places focus on the courageous Dominican women and their role in defining calypso and soca.

He revealed, had it not been for Ms. Tasha Peltier better known as “Tasha P” being the first Calypso Monarch of Dominica, this book would have never come to life and such valuable information, would probably have never been released and so he has written the book as tribute to her, being one of the pillars of Dominica’s calypso music.

“I’m hoping that this text becomes part of the teaching material at the primary schools, high schools, college and university. It should be a reference text at least at the school”, he said.

Special mention is made to Mr. Gordon Henderson, Mighty Sparrow, Mr. Chris Seraphine, Hayden “Lord Tokyo” Desire, Mr. Avis Bruno, Mr. Vaughn “King Shakey” James and Mr. Ian Jackson, all of whom instrumental in the creation of this book.

The publishing company has yet to be selected, but Mr. Bruno says, he is almost certain it will be Amazon.

The final price has not been determined, however, books will be available at a cost of $30 at all book stores in Dominica.

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