Dominican Republic Citizen Helped Cops Find $2.5 Million Cocaine Stash, Bahamas Court Told

Packages of Cocaine

A Dominican Republic citizen led police to the site where he had buried 140 kilos of cocaine, a court in The Bahamas heard on Tuesday.

44 years old Jose Cabrera, of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and Sean Pratt, 41 years old, of the Turks and Caicos Islands, appeared before Deputy Chief Magistrate Carolita Bethell charged in connection with a $2.5 million seizure.

Cabrera and Pratt are accused of conspiring to possess the drugs at North West Cay, off Great Inagua, on August 30, and drug possession with intent to supply, and Cabrera alone is charged with conspiracy to import cocaine and importation of cocaine.

Cabrera pleaded guilty to all of the charges against him, however Pratt denied the allegations.

According to the prosecutor, police took up surveillance on the cay from August 29 after receiving information.

The officers watched as four persons approached on a go-fast boat on August 30, when two men came on the cay and the others left, but the two men were arrested and a search of the cay turned up empty.

Based on information provided by Cabrera, the officers went back and searched the cay and unearthed six crocus sacks of cocaine.

During an interview conducted with the help of a Spanish interpreter, Cabrera told investigators that he had buried the drugs several months earlier because he had encountered bad weather on a previous journey.

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