Dominican Students Arts and Crafts Showcased


Chief Educational Officer, Mr. Stephenson Hyacinth

On Monday March 2013, individuals had a chance to witness some of the fine arts and crafts, from students across the Caribbean that have written the CXC examinations in visual and performing arts.

Chief Educational Officer Mr. Stephenson Hyacinth, says we were taught English, Mathematics and Social Studies. However, the world has changed around us and we recognize that some of the more stable industries in the world today are those that include visual and performing arts.

Mr. Hyacinth added, they have been providing our students with a wide variety of options and the visual and performing arts is one of these options.

The mere fact with the exhibition being held in Dominica, he hopes that it will give students the opportunity to see what their colleagues throughout the Caribbean have been producing and their interest for the subject will grow, he said.

His main expectation of this exhibition is; those who visit will be inspired by what they witness.

Mr. Cleveland Sam, Public Relations Officer of the CXC Council, is inviting the public to participate since the exhibition will take place until Friday March, 2013.


Mr. Cleveland Sam, Public Relations Officer of the CXC Council

Mr. Sam says this arts exhibition marks their 40th and this is the first of two exhibitions to be hosted.

The second one is expected to be hosted in Jamaica.

He presumes that the students as well as the public of Dominica will see what CXC considers to be art of a very high standard.


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