Dominican Students Learn American Election Process

Students Learning American Election Process

Students from Dominica State College (DSC) and St. Mary’s Academy (SMA) gathered at the Roseau Public Library for an American Corner activity.

Librarian Mr. Cecil Ferninand says, this is the first time the Library has ever hosted such an event.

This activity was organized to educate the students on the American Election process.

Mr. Ferninand believes that it is important that the students, especially the 5th formers, are educated to the fullest on this topic.

Peace Core volunteer Mr. Shervin Stoney who has been in Dominica for about 9 months was the one delivering the information.

Peace Core Volunteer Mr. Shervin Stoney

Mr. Stoney stated that although the students are not Americans, it is vital that they have an idea about the American election process.

He says he was amazed how well the students participated as well as how intelligent that they are.

In addition he stated that he asked many provocative questions and they all responded with confidence and accurately most times.



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