Dominican Teachers Admonished to continue Daring


Minister for Education, Honorable Petter St. Jean

At the opening ceremony of the Dominica Association of Teachers’ Summer Workshop, Minister for Education Honorable Petter St. Jean admonished the teachers present, by stating that the survival of Dominica’s economy rest solely on them.

Honorable Petter St. Jean said this workshop goes a long way in preparing our teachers to deliver quality instructions in the classroom and preparing our students to survive in a competitive global environment.

The collective and individual efforts of the educators Of Dominica have enabled us as a ministry to achieve high standards in education.

According to Mr. St. Jean we live in an age where technology constantly changes, therefore today’s teacher must make full use of the opportunities available to them.

He urged them to maximize on the opportunities of learning as much as possible for further development.

This workshop is being held for over 30 years and the Dominica Association of teachers plan to enhance it further.

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