Dominican Urged Not to Hunt Sea Turtles

Olive Ridley Turtle in ChinaDominicans are being urged to refrain from the illegal practice of hunting sea turtles.

This call came from  Simon George, President of the Nature Enhancement Team – NET, who focuses on turtle conservation on the Island.

All turtles are classified as endangered, he said.

There is no reason why turtles – a valuable creature to Dominica – should ever be hunted for meat or their shells, he added.

George noted, while the Rosti Project protects the turtles in Rosalie, hunting continues in other beaches.

Although Dominica has laws to protect turtles, preventive laws alone cannot guarantee protection, he stressed.

Simon George, President of the Nature Enhancement Team - NET

Simon George, President of the Nature Enhancement Team – NET

In an effort to mitigate the instances where the turtles are hunted, NET and Rosti are working hand in hand to protect the three major beaches turtles frequent – the Rosalie, Londonderry and La Plaine beaches.

George pointed out that access to certain beaches prevents them from being regularly monitored and that in itself poses a challenge.

He added we should all be aware that turtles are more beneficial to us alive, rather than dead as turtle viewing is an emerging tourist industry.

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