Dominican youth encouraged to ‘stay away from trouble’ during the Summer

One law enforcement official is calling on youth in Dominica to use their summer vacation wisely and to stay away from illegal activities.


Public Relations Officer of the Dominica Police Force, Inspector Claude Weekes is advising young persons especially students, to use their summer vacation as an opportunity to get involved in uplifting activities, geared at making them better citizens.

He said that parental control is also critical during that time, both academically and as it relates to safety.


“It is very important that we guide our young people and that’s where parental control comes in. We as parents, as adults, as a community, we have an inescapable responsibility and obligation to guide our young people. During the summer they would go to bathe on the beaches, they would go from home to home and village to village; what we would want to advise them to do is to stay away from crimes, drugs and illicit activities and get involved in something that is wholesome and edifying,” said Weekes.


According to Inspector Weekes, while the summer should be a time of relaxation for students, focus should still remain on studies and preparation for the new school term.


“I would advise them to read a good book; a good novel to edify themselves. All of them may have been elevated to a higher form, I would encourage them to get familiar with the texts that they are expected to use for the new term. It is about guiding them, I have always said that our youth are susceptible to different things happening in society and the world and we have an obligation to ensure that they do the right thing,” advised Weekes.


Weekes who is also an evangelical speaker, encouraged the youth to make time to develop themselves spiritually, as their future depends solely on the ‘Almighty Father’.


“I would also encourage them to get into some bible school to uplift them spiritually. We normally leave out the spiritual aspect but I think the spiritual aspect is as equally important as the physical aspect,” Weekes concluded.

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