Dominicans are being called upon to offer prayers for the nation of Israel and the city of Jerusalem


Dominicans are being called upon to offer prayers for the nation of Israel and the city of Jerusalem. This call came from members of the Israel Caribbean Allies Foundation, who have been travelling throughout the Caribbean in an effort to strengthen the connection between the Christian Society and Israel. Dr. Sherlock Bally said that their visit to the various Caribbean islands is not only of extreme importance to Israel but to the entire Caribbean region.


“We believe that nations are blessed when they stand with the word of God and when they stand with the nation of Israel.’”


He said ‘history itself has attested over a period of time that the people who opened their hearts to the land of Israel have grown in proportions that were astonishing.’


David Rotem, Member of the Israeli Government who heads the Constitution, Justice and Laws Commission highlighted the importance of praying for the safety of Jerusalem and the state of Israel.


“Every Country should be supportive of Israel since this is the way of the Almighty Father and each and every one of us is supposed to do whatever he wants in order to fulfill his commandments.”


Chairman of the Christian Alliance of Israel Joshua Reinstein said that they are pleased with the level of support that is being displayed by Dominicans. He said that the Caribbean is of special significance since the population consists of mainly Christians, who support Israel.


“We want to take advantage of this new relationship. It is our first time in Dominica and we are looking forward to develop this relationship not only spiritually, but economically and politically throughout the next few years.”

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