Dominicans are being called upon to remain close to Jehovah despite the pressures of society


Scores of individuals gathered at the Jehovah Witness Hall in Canefield to participate in a three-day convention held under the theme ‘Remain close to Jehovah.’ Chairman of the convention Mr. Jaime Shaw said that the main purpose of the annual convention was to teach its members how to maintain a relationship with god, despite the many pressures of society. 


According to Mr. Shaw, ‘ten (10) individuals were baptized on Saturday; eight (8) from the English speaking congregation and two (2) from the Creole speaking congregation.


 He said that they are very elated that each of these individuals has made a personal dedication to serve God and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.


There are approximately 400 Jehovah witnesses in Dominica, with over ten (10) congregations, one of which is Creole speaking. Jehovah Witnesses are group members that witness by evangelizing and distributing literature on the beliefs of theocratic rule of God, the sinfulness of organized religions and governments, and an imminent millennium.

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