Dominicans Being Urged to Refrain From Breeding Mosquitoes

A warning has been sounded to all Dominicans particularly the persons who deliberately breed mosquitoes to refrain from doing so or they will be taken to court.

This strong warning came from Chief Environmental Health Officer Mr. Anthony Scotland, who said there are a number of persons who do not adhere to the rules and regulations of the Environmental Department in regards to preventative measures for mosquito breeding.

Violators can be charged up to $2000 or imprisoned for three months as permitted by the Vectors Control Regulation under the Environmental Health Services Act.

Mr. Scotland said over the years the Environmental Health Department has placed a lot of emphasis on education and treatment on how to prevent mosquito breeding in homes, however this year they will be doing more in regards to enforcement of legislation.

He pointed out that the officers who will be inspecting homes from the National Pest and Termite Control, which is the company contracted by the government, has the authority to issue notices to persons found breeding mosquitoes in their homes.

He said dengue is a very dangerous disease as there have been over 1 million cases in the wider Caribbean and over 300 persons have died.

The Chief Environmental Health Officer says this is exactly why all preventative measures have to be taken to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes by any means necessary.

He said that while some persons question and compare the act of breeding mosquitoes to the stiff penalty, it must be understood that there is the potential for mosquitoes to cause havoc to our economy and cause serious loss of life very quickly.

Mr. Scotland says when the talking does not work and education does not work we have no choice but to use the law.


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