Dominicans Living in the United States Donate Information Technology Equipment to Dominica


Honorable Roosevelt Skerrit, Prime Minister of Dominica

In life we all have to give to receive, and this is exactly what one Dominican couple did, when they donated over EC$200,000.00 worth of Information Technology equipment to the Government of Dominica and the Dominica State College (DSC).

This generous donation was made possible by Mr. and Mrs. Hendriks Ismael Tuesday January 29th 2013.

President of the Dominica State College Doctor Donald Peters stated that they were lacking computers in their Information Technology room.

Mr. Ismael heard their plea and immediately started negotiating with Dell to secure computers for the donation.

With this effort, 400 refurbished and remodeled desktop computers were handed over of which 100 went to the DSC, while 300 went to the Government to be distributed to schools Island-wide.

Mr. Hendrik Ismael the donor of the equipment stated that, he heard many people complaining about Dominica, but do nothing about it, however rather than doing the same he decided to take action.


Information Technology Equipment Donated to Dominica

He said he was also inspired by the development the Government of Dominica has been making, with one being the strong emphasis on education.

Prime Minister Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit stated that this donation is much appreciated and will be put to good use.

He said the diasporas are and should be seen as a valuable and important element to our development.

He reminded the students that they must value the education they are receiving at the DSC, as in many other countries more fortunate than Dominica, there are students with no access to primary education.

Mr. Skerrit said we as Dominican need to unite to work towards the development of our country.

He also urged the students of the DSC to study their books to do well, and stay away from drugs and deviant behavior which will lead down a path of destruction.

He added we as a country must set goals and high standards for ourselves.


President of the Dominica State College, Doctor Donald Peters

Mr. Skerrit pointed out that attending the DSC is still cost effective, as the cost to do the same degrees abroad is much more expensive, so we must take full advantage of it.

Mr. and Mrs. Hendriks Ismael also donated 30 laptops and 20 printers along with their desktop computer donations.






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