Dominicans observe the 7th anniversary of the death of former Prime Minister Pierre Charles


A family mass which was held in the Community of Grand Bay earlier this morning in memory of the late Prime Minister Honourable Pierre Charles, headlined activities marking the 7th anniversary of the death of the former Dominican Leader.


Charles, who had been suffering from a heart condition and had complained of chest pains died on the evening of January 6th, 2004 following a cabinet meeting.


He(June 30, 1954 – January 6, 2004) was the Prime Minister of Dominicafrom 2000 to 2004 as well as the Member of Parliament for the Grand Bay Constituency from 1985 until his death.


He was the second prime minister to die in office within three years, having succeeded the late former Prime Minister Honourable Roosevelt Douglas after his sudden death in 2000.


During his reign as Prime Minister, Pierre Charles was forced to implement some ostracized measures in the face of an economic downturn.


Today, these measures which included a stabilization programme, increased taxes and a reduction in public spending is being recognized as one of the contributing factors to the favorable economic climate in the country.


Born in 1954, Charles was one of 17 children. He left to mourn his three children along with his wife Justina Charles, who is now the parliamentary representative for the Grand Bay Constituency, having won the seat in the December 18th, 2009 general elections.

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