Dominicans Raise Awareness against Gender Based Violence

Passengers during the 'Blow the Horn' motorcade

Passengers during the ‘Blow the Horn’ motorcade

Dominicans, on Saturday February 22nd, blew their horns against gender based violence during a motorcade covering many communities Island-wide.

This was organized by the Ministry of Social Services and Gender Affairs, in collaboration with the Bureau of Gender Affairs.

Director of the Bureau of Gender Affairs, Ms. Rosie Browne says the motorcade is part of a sixteen day activism to end gender violence among women, children, men or senior citizens.




Director of the Bureau of Gender Affairs, Ms. Rosie Browne

At the rally, the participants heard a number of solidarity messages from the Ministry of Social Services, the Parliamentary Representative for the Castle Bruce Constituency, and the Heads of various partner organizations, including the National Council of Women and the National Youth Council.

A representative from the Caribbean Male Action Network – CARIMAN, The Dominica Planned Parenthood Association and Child Fund Caribbean also gave solidarity messages at the event.

Present at the affair was Father Franklin Cuffy, who showed his support for the event as on that very day, Archbishop Kelvin Felix was inducted as a Cardinal in the Catholic Church.

He noted, as Catholics we should all be proud of this achievement.

Father Cuffy recalled an article published on April 12th 2006, when Archbishop Felix was brutally attacked by a man armed with a knife.




Following the 2006 attack, Archbishop Felix called for legislation to stop the preaching of hatred against the Catholic Church and its teaching, and in particular for an end to the radio broadcasting of anti-Catholic rants.

He said this incident was relevant to coincide with the ‘Blow the Horn Motorcade.’

Father Cuffy who is also the Chairman of the Social Justice and Peace Committee says, just like the Committee does, we all need to encourage the culture of pro-life and hoped that, the ‘Blow the Horn Motorcade’ would sensitize the Nation on the significance of human life.

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