Dominicans Urged to Attend Fundraising Event to Help Rebuild Portsmouth Catholic Church

Damaged Portsmouth Catholic Church

Residents of Portsmouth and environment and on a wider scale Dominicans, are being urged to flock to the Portsmouth Market on Sunday October 7th.

This is coming from Parish Priest of the Portsmouth Catholic Church, Father Herman Sharplis, as the parish will be hosting a fund raising grand bazaar to go towards the rebuilding of the Portsmouth Catholic Church, which was damaged beyond repair in 2004 by a 6.4 magnitude earthquake.

Father Sharplis pointed out that so far through fund raising efforts, the church has raised EC 1.3 million dollars which is good, but far from the over EC 3 million dollar estimated cost of the new church.

As a result of the large gap of additional funds needed, there will be a grand bazaar directly after church on Sunday October 7th, 2012 at 10am, and he is advising all who can attend to patronize the fund raising event.

Parish Priest of the Portsmouth Catholic Church, Father Herman Sharplis

Father Sharplis added there will also be other fund raising drives such as their Parish Dinner which is coming up in November.

He said that it is very important that whenever they have fundraising events that the public patronize, as 100% of the funds generated are going into the construction of the new Portsmouth Catholic Church, a church that was there for over 150 years.

The structure will be constructed in four phases and the estimated construction time will depend on the flow of funds, hence the reason for the public’s participation in their fund raising events.

Father Sharplis added they will have a 90 degree sitting arrangement at the new church, and will have some design elements of the Goodwill Church incorporated in it.

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