Dominicans Urged to be Law Abiding Citizens


Police prosecutor, Inspector Claude Weekes

With a rise in prosecution for crimes and criminal activities, one senior police officer, is calling on Dominicans to ensure they stick to the character of law abiding citizens.

Police prosecutor, Inspector Claude Weekes, says this means we all need to conform to the rules of society, so the country functions properly.

He noted, when we are ignorant to the law, we build dysfunctional families, and institutions, making it a very difficult society to live in.

“If the institutions and the people do not work in compatibility with each other, we will have a failing society.”

“I am very much concerned about our youth as there are many of them engaged in negative activities, however there are some who seek to do well and uplift the country in terms of social-economic development, “Weekes added.

The inspector explained that defects in parenting also contribute to the attitude and behavior of our young people, which is often acted out in the public domain.

It is important that the law is obeyed, regardless of who you are, where you work, or your age; the laws are there to guide its citizenry and no country can operate without them.

Whether it is the common man on the street or the prominent individual, they all need to stay away from crime, he added, whether drug trafficking, sexual offences, or human trafficking, as it does not demonstrate well off the individual or the nation.

“No one is above the law; if we are not addressing the issues as it relates to crime, it would be a travesty of justice and justice must be met at all times.”

We cannot live in fear, therefore all police officers have the duty to protect the country’s citizens, he concluded.

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