Dominicans urged to do regular Cancer screenings

Sat TV News 13-09-4 Friday.Still009President of the Dominica Cancer Society, Mrs. Kathleen Cornelius is urging Dominicans to ensure they adopt the habit of regular screening to detect cancer.

The earlier cancer is detected, the earlier it can be treated and possibly prevent it from spreading and or killing the individual.

Over the years, the number of persons requesting assistance from the Society has increased.

In 2012 a total of $44,000 was raised, for assisting persons infected with cancer.

A total of 18 persons received help from the Society in various ways including chemotherapy, radiation and by covering the costs of CT scans and cancer markers.

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Mrs. Cornelius says, as we do not have the facilities and financial resources to search for a cure for cancer, they can only focus on caring for cancer patients.

According to the President, the cost of cancer treatment, although heavily subsidized by the Government, is still relatively high and persons who do not have the financial means to take care of themselves, after they have been diagnosed, do not come forward and this mentality needs to be changed immediately.

Although cancer kills, infected persons must not dwell on that aspect.

She is appealing for all those diagnosed with cancer, to take a stand and support the Society in their efforts for cancer care.

Although this is not common, persons falsely diagnosing themselves with cancer for sympathy or whatever reason it may be, should immediately stop, as it is disrespectful to those who are actually diagnosed with this deadly disease.

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