Dominicans Urged to Protect Themselves During Sexual Activity

Family Life Educator with the Dominica Planned Parenthood Association, Ms. Annie St. Luce

Family Life Educator with the Dominica Planned Parenthood Association, Ms. Annie St. Luce is urging Dominicans, especially young people to protect themselves when engaging in sexual activities.

Ms. St. Luce says this is very important as there has been an increase in the number of people testing positive for the Human Immunodeficiency Disease (HIV) in Dominica.

She says what bothers them is the fact that young people are involved in a lot of risky behavior and practices which should stop immediately.

Ms. St. Luce stated young people should engage themselves in activities which will not put them at risk.

The Family Life Educator says young people need to educate themselves on what is going on such as the sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS and HIV and other consequences of having unprotected sex, so they can refrain from doing so with this knowledge.

She is of the view that young people need to take their time before getting involved in sexual activities, as many of them think they are in love, and need to have sex to please their partner who they barely know when it is only infatuation.

This behavior she says is dangerous as no one has STI’s, HIV, or AIDS written on their foreheads, so it is difficult to know who is infected.

She said the age of consent needs to be revised as she is of the view that a young person cannot make the right sexual decisions at such a young age.

Ms. St. Luce says there need to be a lot more discussions with young people to educate them on sex so they make informed decisions and act responsibly.

She said this is important because if not addressed it will lead to other issues young people face and they need an avenue to express themselves to find solutions to their problems.

If this is not addressed it means that our grandchildren will come into a society which is chaotic when it relates to values and morals.

Here is her message to young people on why they should protect themselves when engaging in sexual activities;

Ms. St. Luce is urging parents to step up their game in educating their children appropriately and be advocates for their children so they can make the right choices.










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