Dominicans Urged to Secure They Homes During Carnival Season

footage (2)Dominicans are being urged to ensure they take extra caution in securing their homes during the Carnival season, as thieves will be depending on the gaps in security.

Superintendent of Police, David Andrew says, it is important as the thieves are getting smarter with time.

He urged persons to keep in contact with their neighbours to ensure additional security.

He said, the intention is once a red flag is raised, the neighbour will immediately call the home owner to alert them that something is not right, and then the Police can be notified to investigate.


Superintendent of Police, David Andrew

Superintendent of Police, David Andrew

Mr. Andrew said, the Police will be very robust during the Carnival season with quick response teams to ensure law and order is maintainHe noted, patrons who will be viewing or participating in Carnival are advised not to walk with excess amounts of cash, as pick pockets will pry on unsuspecting victims and if possible limit the jewelry being worn.

Shop owners and vendors are also being advised to be on the lookout for counterfeit bills.

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