Dominicans Urged to take up ‘Beach Scaping’ Projects


Newtown Resident and Landscaper, Mr. Eric Edwards

A call has been sounded for Dominicans to take up ‘beach scaping’ projects, to create a much more attractive environment that tourists and locals alike can enjoy.

This is the view of Newtown resident and landscaper, Mr. Eric Edwards, who said we have to be more conscious of our environment.

Section of Loubiere beach that was 'beach scaped' by Mr. Edwards

Section of Loubiere beach currently being ‘beach scaped’ by Mr. Edwards

Mr. Edwards who was a landscaper for over 20 years in Boston, United States claims, the Americans take special care of their coast lines and this is why beach front properties in the United States are very expensive.

According to Mr. Edwards, “The Americans treat the back of their properties facing the sea as the front of their homes, while the front facing land is viewed as the back of the home, all in the appreciation of the marine environment and spectacular views,”.

Dominica is the Nature Isle and we need to do all we can to keep it that way, and one of the significant ways is to appreciate our beach properties and environment by keeping it clean at all times.

He noted, when people see the positive work he is doing they praise him, and contract him to clean up their beach properties which he enjoys doing.

Section of beach that was 'beach scaped' by Mr. Edwards

Section of Loubiere beach that was ‘beach scaped’ by Mr. Edwards

Mr. Edwards who is currently engaged in a beach scaping project on the Loubiere coastline, stated we need to stop treating our beaches like a dumping site for rubbish, and lend a hand in cleaning up the beaches Island-wide.

Doing this he said will continue attracting more tourists to the Nature Isle of the Caribbean, Dominica.


Loubiere Resident, Mr. Free Joseph

Loubiere resident Mr. Free Joseph says, he fully supports what Mr. Edwards is doing for the beach.

He added, if we keep calling ourselves ‘The Nature Island,’ we must work with nature to keep our beaches clean.

Managing Director of Aldive Watersports, Mr. Billy Lawrence stated, the beach property behind his business has been transformed in a remarkable way, through the hard work of Mr. Edwards.

“With the right investments and resources, the Loubiere Highway commonly referred to as La Lay Coco, can be transformed into a prime tourist area.”

He is urging Dominicans to unite in restoring the beach properties to truly make them front yards.

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