Dominica’s Agricultural Census Moves To An Advanced Stage

imagesThe ground work has been completed for the first phase of an agricultural census for Dominica.

This comes after Government, acting on the advice of International Consultant on Agriculture Census, Mr. David Marshall, decided that the country’s census on agriculture would be conducted in phases.

Mr. Marshall has over 32 years of experience in doing similar work in several parts of the region and around the world.

He was on Island from February 24 to March 18 2014, working with relevant stakeholders, including; the Ministries of Agriculture and Finance, and in particular, the Central Statistical Office, to advance plans for the census.

A successful pre-test of the agriculture census was conducted in four areas of the country to prepare for planning and conducting and several adjustments have been made to the overall approach based on the recommendation of the Consultant.

The specific objective is to enhance the capacity of the Ministry of Agriculture to provide timely, accurate and useful information and services that stakeholders need to make informed decisions.

The Agricultural Census is funded by the Programme for the Banana Accompanying Measures – BAM from the General Budget of the European Union.

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