Dominica’s Agriculture Minister Speaks on Agriculture Week Workshop

Agriculture Minister Honourable Matthew Walter

Speaking at a workshop for agricultural ministers in the Caribbean Agriculture Minister Honourable Matthew Walter says, this workshop was necessary to find ways and means to addressing agricultural challenges in the region.

He said although they are tasked in the region to make life easier for their people, they face road blocks such as food insecurity, which must be dealt with as a collaborative effort.

Mr. Walter said through the generation of employment economic activity is generated.

He added one of the serious problems the region is facing is the issue of climate change and research has revealed that the Caribbean is the most vulnerable region with respect to climate change.

Mr. Walter says it is incumbent that all Caribbean leaders consolidate their resources to find ways and means whereby they can mitigate and adapt to climate change.

The Agriculture Minister said it is critical that we build on our synergies, as too many time we try to be individualists like we know it all when the solution is working together.

He pointed out those organizations such as the Inter-American Institute for Caribbean Agriculture (IICA), the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI) among other with interests in agriculture.

Working with such organizations will aide in developing agriculture in the region to where it needs to be while strengthening ties with each other.

Mr. Walter pointed out that in order to penetrate the international market, we need to focus on SPS standards which are very important, which is again a collaborative effort of all Caribbean leaders.



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