Dominica’s Carnival Should be Marketed


One costume builder, Mr. Michel Raffoul says that he thinks Dominica’s carnival should be marketed as a tourist attraction.


He made this comment as he announced his retirement based on several frustrations that he has experienced in his many years of costume building in Dominica.


Mr. Raffoul said that he has always dreamed of a museum where Dominica’s unique carnival can be displayed.


Raffoul added that off-season advertising of Dominica’s carnival will draw more visitors to Dominica during carnival activities. He said that marketing carnival as an activity will be a boost to the tourism industry and carnival should be sold as a product year round.


Mr. Michel Raffoul has been a costume builder for the past 27 years and has built both princess and queen show costumes.


He has also built crowns for calypso monarchs.


At the moment, Mr. Raffoul has shared his intention of retiring only from building queen show costumes.

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