Dominica’s Cruise Tourism Product, Assessed!

A delegation of the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) visited Dominica from Wednesday May 15th, to Thursday May 16th, to assess Dominica’s Cruise Tourism Product.

Minister of Tourism and Legal Affairs, Honourable Ian Douglas, noted Dominica has enjoyed a very fruitful and productive relationship with the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association and its member lines. It is that same relationship that brought them to Dominica to see the work we have been engaging in.

The group hosted discussions with stakeholders involved in the cruise Industry, to gain knowledge on the issues that currently affect cruise tourism.

He said we as Dominicans need to work hard so that our tourism product can always be the best, as it can significantly affect a country’s rating.

Mr. Douglas said that a representative from Disney Cruise Lines was part of the FCCA delegation, which accessed their cruise product to report back to Disney, to consider Dominica as one of their cruise destinations.

Florida Caribbean Cruise Association’s Vice President, Mr. Adam Ceserano, stated the delegation had a wonderful fact finding trip to discover what Dominica has engaged in to improve their Cruise Tourism Product.

Mr. Ceserano noted, the countries must continue to make improvements, as it relates to cruise passengers so they can continue to enjoy their visits to the various counties.

Ms. Lisa Jensen, Princess Cruises Manager praised Dominica for being such a beautiful Island and says, passenger ratings are very important, as it is used to determine which countries they would like their ships to travel to.

Ms. Jensen noted, we have to ensure the quality of service is 100% all the time, as not all passengers will take organized tours therefore independent tours are just as important.

Director of Government and Community Relations at Royal Caribbean Cruises Limited, Mr. Federico Gonzalez Denton stated, Dominica has many aspects working in its favour including nature.

He continued to say, the investments the Government is making, as it relates to infrastructural development, will surely work towards their advantage, as few countries in the region are doing so.

Mr. Denton stated even after you have gotten cruise passengers to visit the island, it is inadequate if they do not spend their money so the Government needs to work on new ways to facilitate travellers’ spending.


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