Dominica’s First Tissue Paper Company Sells Shares to Locals, in Commemoration of its Third Anniversary

emeraldtouchDominica’s first and only tissue paper company, Nature Island Paper Products Incorporated (NIPP Inc.), is introducing a forum to allow Dominican investors to buy shares in the business in a private offering.

NIPP Inc. will host “Grassroots Investment Pitching” on Thursday 29 August at the Public Service Union (PSU) building on Valley Road— an opportunity for local investors to be a part of the company through the purchase of shares.

The undertaking, is in keeping with the NIPP’s initial objective when it was inaugurated on 31 August 2010, and will be the highlight of the observance of its third anniversary.

Nature Island Paper Products Incorporated is currently moving to capture the entire Dominican market and simultaneously, make use of the OECS Economic Union, to expand its base.

This move is expected to “sustain the company’s profitably, in addition to its exports,” according to Managing Director Severin McKenzie.

Since its launch three years ago, NIPP Inc has participated in Compete Caribbean business innovation window, from which an innovative business plan was prepared for the company.


Managing Director, Severin McKenzie

The upcoming forum comes at a time when NIPP awaits a major breakthrough in the Venezuelan market, due to a shortage of tissue paper in that country.

Additionally, NIPP has the potential of penetrating the markets of neighbouring French islands, Martinique and Guadeloupe

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