Dominica’s Growth and Social Protection Strategy making great strides

The Prime Minister of Dominica and Minister of Finance, Honorable Roosevelt Skerrit is underscoring the great strides made, as it relates to the implementation and success of the growth and social protection strategy (GSPS).


 The Dominican leader says that this initiative which aims to continue developing the pathway to maintaining the sustainability of the country's fiscal position is of great significant to citizens.


 He says that the GSPS came to the fore based on the demand of the Dominican populace.


 He believes that this system will continue to create the conditions for achieving and sustaining economic growth levels at an average of three percent per annum, while at the same time reducing unemployment and poverty levels.


 He says that his government has been examining ways to strengthen the management of public finances under this program.


 The strategy underscores government's strong commitment to democracy and to more equitable sharing of the benefits of investments at a local level.

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