Dominica’s Real Mas 2011 to be launched this weekend

Dominica’s 2011 carnival programme will be officially launched this Saturday, February 12th, with a massive street parade on the streets of Roseau and an action-packed show at Carnival City, in Pottersville.


The opening parade and show for Mas Domnik 2011 kicks off at 3:00pm from Victoria Street in Roseau and will move along the Roseau Bayfront through to Carnival City at Pottersville Savannah for a programme of activities.


The streets of Roseau will be transformed into a huge carnival atmosphere with the participants and masqueraders parading a mix of carnival forms, moving along the streets to the music of lapo kabwit, steel band, live music and sound systems.


The parade will highlight a range of advertising floats, costume bands, traditional masquerade groups and the color and splendor of Dominica’s carnival.


At the end of the parade, the revelers will move to Carnival City to join carnival troupes and performers for an evening of speeches and entertainment that will herald the start of the 2011 carnival celebrations in Dominica.


The official programme will include speeches by Ministers of Government and the Mayor of the City of Roseau, as well as officials from the Dominica Festivals Committee and headline sponsor, LIME.


The entertainment package will include performances from traditional carnival troops, presentations by contestants and competitors of the various shows for the carnival season, a special presentation on the tale of Carnival Costumes by the Roseau Cultural Group, displays by Flag Wavers and performances by several calypsonians including reigning Calypso Monarch, King Karessah.


The MC for the show will be Val ‘Young Bull’ Cuffy.


Activities for the Real Mas include


Ole Mas Festival                                February 24th

Soca Monarch Competition             February 25th

Pan Savanne (Steel Competition)   March 1st

National Queen Show                        March 4th

Calypso Monarch Competition         March 5th

Dimanche Gra Way-Lay-Lay            March 6th

J’ouvert/Street Jump Up                    March 7th

Parade of Bands                                March 8th


The 2011 Mas Domnik is organized by the Dominica Festivals Committee with the coordination of the events by the Carnival Development Committee.

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