Donald Thomas Sentenced to 18 Months in Prison

court3.jpgAt the high Court on Monday December 10th, the facts were heard in the case of the State vs. Donald Thomas of Loubiere.

The facts in the matter states that the complainant ,Donilsa Laville of Boyd’s Avenue, Roseau and her boyfriend Clint Pierre, were on Saturday June 5th, 2011 walking along Victoria Street in Roseau when stones were hurled in their direction, at about 2:45 a.m.

Ms. Laville was advised by her boyfriend to go ahead without him and she did.

She walked across to “Patty Shack” on Old Street. On hearing footsteps behind her she turned around and saw a man with a black scarf wrapped around his face, covering his nose, mouth and chin.

As soon as she looked at him, he grabbed her, held her throat and covered her mouth. The complainant struggled to get away by screaming and fighting with the accused.

She fell to the ground and he grabbed onto the pocket of her pants and held her right leg, trying to pull her pants down. She managed to run away from him. He ran after her and held unto her swaeter and pull her backwards saying, “shut up and come.”

She had a cellphone in her hand and he took it from her. She heard a motorbike pass by and she fought the accused and ran towards the sound.

Luckily the bike stopped and she saw that it was her boyfriend’s friend who later apprehended the accused.

Both Ms. Laville and Donald Thomas were taken to the Roseau Police Station. Afterwards Ms. Laville was taken to the Princess Margaret Hospital where she was treated for bruises she sustained during the struggle. The doctor reported that Ms. Laville was in emotional distress, shaking and nervous. There were pink discolorations in her anterior region, swelling and tenderness palpations on her left knee with numerous superficial abrasions surrounding the palpations.

At the police station, when questioned by the officer about the incident, Thomas said that he was under the influence of alcohol and he knows what he did was wrong and to please forgive him.

He was arrested and charged.

Donald Thomas pleaded guilty to the charge of actual bodily harm.

He was represented by Mr. Joshua Francis, who said that his client has suffered socio economic hardships, and being left to fend for himself at a young age and having no father has led him to commit such acts. He advised Justice Stephenson to impose a suspended sentence on him with psychiatric evaluation.

However Justice Stephenson said that from reports given to her by family, friends and neighbor, it seems that Mr. Thomas is not remorseful and that when he attempted to pull down her pants he was seeking to take her undergarments as a trophy.

She said that Dominica does not currently have the appropriate facilities to deal with persons like Mr. Thomas and she sentenced him to 18 months in prison including the time that he already spent on remand.

She hopes that while incarcerated he would reflect on his life, and learn some skills, so that when he is released from prison he will be a meaningful contributor to society.

The September Criminal Assizes were closed by Justice Stephenson and new assizes will be opened on January 15th, 2013.

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