Donation of Chairs to Convent High School


Ms. Lorraine Dorival, a member of the Alumni

The Convent High School (CHS), was on the receiving end on Tuesday April 16th, as they received a donation of 100 chairs for the school.

This was made possible as a result of the hard work of the members of the Dominica Convent High School Alumni of Ontario Canada, who saw the need for the chairs and used their resources to make this donation possible.

Ms. Lorraine Dorival, a member of the Alumni, stated one of their commitments is to equip the CHS with a total of 400 chairs, to be delivered 100 at a time.

100 chairs was donated in 2012 and now totals 200.

Ms. Dorvial stated a crucial objective of the Alumni is to remain a sustainable organization of which the CHS can rely.

To do so she said members have to be readily available to extend themselves not only to increase their membership but to aid in their fund raising efforts.

Local businessman, Mr. Malcolm Stevens, who contributed $1000 Canadian Dollars towards the freight of the chairs imported from Canada, stated he was happy to be a part of this donation.

He appealed to the school to reach out to him anytime they need financial assistance for projects such as their carnival band, or graduation ceremony.

Mr. Stevens says he hopes the donation will go a long way.

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