Donation of Equipment to HIV/AIDS Unit

HIV.jpgThe National HIV and AIDS Response Programme is now much better equipped as they received a donation of equipment on Thursday July 12th.

This much welcomed donation came from SaskTel, a Canadian based telecommunications company, where they donated a 40 foot container, loaded with various office and medical equipment and other items.

Co-coordinator of the National HIV and AIDS Response Programme Mrs. Julie Frampton is giving thanks for the much needed equipment and said this took a lot of planning before it could materialize.

The Representative from SaskTel who all made this donation possible Ms, Erin Lord pointed out that she is very happy in handing over these supplies, which she knows will be put to good use.

Ms. Lord says that one of the goals of the SaskTel ‘We see you’ programme, is to connect youth and local cooperate sponsors with non-profit organizations in international communities, who can help provide medical and education support to the most vulnerable people in their community.

She also added that SaskTel also did fundraising, to provide all the materials needed to transform the 40 foot container into an office.

The container contained 600 boxes and 220 stand alone items.

Caribbean Association of National Telecommunication Organizations (CANTO) Representative, Ms. Tricia Balthazar pointed out that this is the second initiative in which CANTO has facilitated SaskTel in such a venture, with the first being in St. Vincent, and this will not be the last.

She added that CANTO made a great choice by selecting the National HIV and AIDS Response Programme, as she knows they will put the supplies to good use.

Chief Medical Officer, Doctor David Johnson says that, with such widespread economic hardship worldwide this donation came at an opportune time, while thanking the Sasktel Representative, Ms. Erin lord for such a kind gesture.

Doctor Johnson went on to give thanks to all those who made this donation possible, with special thanks to Co-ordinator of the National HIV and AIDS Rseponse Programme, Mrs. Julie Frampton who he described as a ’Energizer’ in the Ministry of Health.

He added that the Ministry of Health would love to have continued cooperation with CANTO and SaskTel, so they can work on improving the Information Technology Communication in the Ministry of Health.






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