Donation to Grotto Home

Member of the Gospel Mission Assembly, Mr. Albert Cuffy

In relation to the saying “give back to others”, a donation of food and other  items was made to the Grotto Home by the Gospel Mission Assembly.

The Gospel Assembly is also celebrating their 70th anniversary and and as part of their celebration, they decided to give back to the less fortunate and the Grotto Home.

The items which were donated included peas, choclocate tea, rice, toilet rolls, sugar, and flour.

On behalf of the board of the Grotto Home for the homeless, Ms. Theodore stated that she is extremely grateful for this donation.

Member of the Gospel Mission Assembly Mr. Albert Cuffy, stated that the mission started sometime between 1938 and 1941 where the missionaries from Canada came to Dominica.

items donated

He said they operate on biblical principles and they saw the serious need to offer assistance to the Grotto Home.

The Gospel Mission Assembly will continue to make donations to the homes that need it the most.

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