Do’s and Don’ts of Chemical Hazards During a Disaster


Do’s and Don’ts of Chemical Hazards During a Disaster

The terms “chemical accident” refer to an event resulting in the release of a substance or substances hazardous to human health and/or the environment in the short or long term.

However the Fire Officers of Dominica informs us that strategies are in place to deal with these chemical disasters.

Mr. Kennedy Ferguson, Fire Officer said in relations to a chemical fire the fire department is always prepared.

He said part of the media used in fighting fire also deals with the ability to fight chemical fires as well.

The Fire Officer explained that in the event of a chemical fire one of the first things the department would do is exercise caution in approaching the situation.

They would also stay at a reasonable distance and use binoculars to access the intensity of the fire.

In the event of the explosion of a petrol tanker Mr. Ferguson explains what the first reaction of the fire fighters would be.

A triple f foam is the material used to distinguish this particular type of fire.

He also said in this incident they would try their best to prevent the fuel from getting into the sewage system because sewage contains a gas called methane which could be very hazardous if combined.

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